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Vietnam’s 10 Best and beautiful Places to Visit in 2023 – 2024

Whenever mentioning the beautiful country as Vietnam, cuisine is always an interesting topic. Vietnamese cuisine is not just dishes and recipes, but it is such a natural cultural feature formed in life. They are well-known for their unique features such as: sociability, diversity, low fat; rich in flavor with a skillful combination of many different ingredients and spices to help increase the flavor and appeal of each dish.

To be more specific, Vietnam is an agricultural country belonging to a tropical region, which Vietnam’s territory is divided into three distinct regions: North, Central, and South, along with 54 ethnic groups. And the diverse in geographic, cultural, ethnic, and climatic characteristics determines the signature of Vietnamese cuisine.

Some Traditional Dishes you must eat when visiting Viet Nam:

Vietnamese Food: 10 Dishes You Need To Try in 2023 | Rough Guides          12 quán cơm tấm ở Hà Nội ngon chuẩn vị mà giá lại hợp lý

      Vietnamese “Bun Cha”                            Rib Broken Rice


Vietnamese culinary has come a long way, with recipes and restaurants spread around the globe. 

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