Southeast Asia is the destination of today, a region rich with historic treasures, exotic cultures and amazing landscapes. Uniquely beautiful, each country of Southeast Asia echoes with ancient wonders and speaks of changes to come. Simple fishing villages, green fields, high mountain peaks and tranquil beaches are home to the diversity that is Vietnam.

North to South, from Mount Fansipan to the Red River Delta, from Halong Bay through Hoi An to the East Sea, Vietnam resonates with beauty while modern life waits in the wings. Vietnam and Cambodia have emerged from years of war to welcome change and peace while cherishing past wonders of antiquity.

The intricately carved ancient temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom enchant the Cambodian countryside, like stately treasures of the jungle calling for exploration and honoring preservation. Life in Laos meanders along the Mekong River, and flows slowly by the beautiful hillsides, historic temples and saffron robed monks of sleepy Luang Prabang. Designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site, this peaceful city romances the visitor and soothes the weary soul.

Not far away, the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand, scintillates with its exciting nightlife and beguiles all with gorgeous architecture, warm and clear waters, white sand beaches and fine cuisine. The diversity of Thailand delights a world of visitors who walk the beaches of Phuket, Koh Samui, discover the bustle of Bangkok and experience the night market of Chiang Mai. 

Mysterious Myanmar, a land of breath-taking beauty and charm, remains an undiscovered adventure . Elephants, tigers and hot air-balloon awaits amidst virgin jungles, snow capped mountains, spectacular monuments, temples and pristine beaches. From Vietnam to Cambodia, Laos to Myanmar, Thailand to Indonesia, South East Asia welcomed tourists to make the journey, explore the past and greet the future.